Transformation in 21 DaysTransformation in 21 Days

Today’s topic is quite a different one! The journey we are about to embark on today is the power of manifestation, that is, attracting whatever we want! Here we will learn the power of manifestation to change and manifest in just 21 days! Yes, in just 21 days! In this blog, we will understand each day separately and see how, step by step, we can achieve our desired results! So, let’s go on this golden journey of Transformation in 21 Days.

In this article, the appropriate meaning of manifest is to expose, express, display, be clearly visible, say in clear language, become clearer, declare, publish, clarify, prove, announce, and appear clearly! If you say something is evident, you mean that it is true, and no one will disagree with it if they see it or consider it. We have to behave with discipline, considering the rule of 21 days, with full dedication. This in turn can be considered the 21-day rule of psychology, or the 21-day rule in psychology.

Transformation in 21 Days 0
Transformation in 21 Days 0

Concept of Belief system

Why are we what we think? Or why are we attracted to what we think about? Because the more we repeatedly think (think and meditate) on something, the more our mind will be attracted to work in that direction. Then our thoughts will guide our actions. It is not that you keep thinking about riches and riches appear! Always thinking about poverty does not attract your mind to that which can create wealth. Rather, it is up to you to recognize all the causes of poverty and lament about it.

If you switch to a money mindset, you keep trying to figure out what can make you rich, how to achieve it, what your own definition of money is, and then your actions will fall in line. Because your mind and thoughts are focused on it. In this kind of pursuit, all you can do is seek wealth and eventually find it. So the demonstration of this principle certainly has expression in the lives of those who believe in it.

Transformation in 21 Days – Day 1!

On the first day of these twenty-one days, we will do some simple exercises, like breathing in and out, stretching, meditation etc. With this, we will try to keep our minds calm! We will make room in our minds for whatever we have to learn in the coming days! For this,, it is necessary that we forget the old, unnecessary things. Forgive those who forgive and move on! On the first day, we will just stay calm and welcome the coming change!

We must keep in mind that nature abhors a vacuum. The empty space in the mind is always occupied by unnecessary, non-valuable things. So we have to make sure that we focus only on positive thoughts. Even if we start slowly, it is still correct.

Transformation in 21 Days – Day 2!

Let’s move on to day two! The first day, we cleaned our minds! Now we have to clean our house! Anything you see around you that is not important to you, or reminds you of something bad, keep them away! Keeping your house clean will also put your mind at ease or make room for something new! Understand that no matter how big your house is, collecting useless things will not do you any good! On the contrary, keep the things that fill your mind with enthusiasm, like a book, a picture, or a golden childhood memory! You will find that keeping positive things around you will make you feel happy and enthusiastic too!

This is what science calls the Law of Attraction. You should surround yourself with positivity, or all the things that make you happy. For example, you can light an earthen lamp near your study place. You can also do this at your business place. When you wake up, try to focus on things that are pleasant. Like a flower or a growing plant or the sky! You can express your gratitude to the universe every time you wake up! All these small positive things will multiply your experience of happiness and peace.

Transformation in 21 Days – Day 3!

Day 3! Today we will find out what we want from life. What should an ideal life be like for us? Not only this, but we will also try to know why we need all this. Without knowing what the reason behind our purpose is, we cannot be dedicated to our purpose. Waking up just because the sun is rising and falling asleep when the sun sets is no reason to live. We must keep in mind that, as human being, we are the most talented species on this earth. If we go on living without understanding the purpose of life or without setting any goal, it is indeed foolishness.

Whenever you try to understand the purpose of life, you will find yourself a different person. Then you will try to focus only on the things that lead you towards your purpose. You just have to see that you are keeping all the distractions away from you. Once you start moving purposefully, you will find how peaceful it is to concentrate. Asking yourself what is the purpose of life, can be a good starting point.

Day 4!

Today, we will write down all our goals! You can write this in a diary! If you want, you can write on any paper, any chart paper! Stick it on a wall, on a cupboard, or anywhere in the house where you will see it every day! But what you want to get, don’t be locked in boundaries, write freely! Write down the biggest thing! Write the biggest goal! Nothing is impossible! By watching and reading it every morning, afternoon, and evening; your subconscious mind will start getting pre-programmed to achieve them! This is also known as the power of goal-setting /power of writing your goals.

Transformation in 21 Days – Day 5!

On this day, you have to make a plan! A step-by-step plan to achieve your goal! For example, suppose your goal is to lose 10 kg! Now you have a plan for how many months you have to lose weight. How much weight should I lose every month? In how many days to lose weight? And so on! You also have to plan how you will lose weight. Like, you will do yoga or go to the gym or go for a walk, etc.

This means you have to make a comprehensive plan of your purpose! You should have a clear picture in your mind of how you will achieve that goal. This picture should be so clear that you feel as if you have already achieved that thing. That means a perfect body! Like in this example, you have imagined how you would look slim! It is also called the power of planning and the power of imagination.

Whenever you see yourself as a winner, your subconscious mind helps you to achieve it. By making detailed plans, you are making yourself aware of every activity. It also helps you anticipate difficult situations in advance, so you can plan better. Furthermore, through this type of discipline, you are in a better position to achieve your goals.

Some of the benefits of Planning!

1. Improved productivity: Planning prevents you from wasting your energy on unnecessary tasks.
2. Increased focus: Planning helps you know what you need to do today & why.
3. Greater self-confidence: Once you have a plan in place and start setting goals, you will be amazed at how much you are capable of achieving.
4. Greater self-awareness: You learn about your personal tendencies, inclinations, and aversions – and how to overcome them!

Transformation in 21 Days – Day 6!

On this day, we have to make a dream board! You can make this on a big cardboard, on or on a notebook or on a drawing board/book! You can even make it online if you want, like on Pinterest, Facebook, etc. If you want, you can also create in your mobile gallery! Now you have to find all those things, which are related to your dream! For example, take an example of the 5th day!

If you want to lose weight, then you can cut the clippings of fit bodies from newspapers or magazines! Yes, you can save or post these images if you are creating a dream board online or in the gallery! Taking this further, you can save exercise videos if you want! Apart from this, you can also write motivational quotes. This is your personal space! You can decorate it however you want! You can apply any or all of your own dream board Ideas.

It is also called a vision board so that you can visualize what you want in life. It primarily links your ideas and ambitions in a way that allows you to see them working together. Whenever you have to make a decision in your life, Dream Board helps you to remember what matters to you. As you keep looking at this dream board from time to time, you are unknowingly preparing yourself to reach your ultimate goal. The more detailed the dream board, the more in tune you become with your wishes. Dreaming about a goal and then relentlessly pursuing it is the key to success.

Transformation in 21 Days – Day 7!

Seventh day, This day is very interesting! On this day, you have to listen to a song that matches your dream. Like a love song for a good life partner! Any inspirational song to study! Now play this song, dance, and sing to its tune! Connect yourself with this song so much that jab bhi ye geet chale, aap jhoom uthe!

Music stimulates your brain. It helps reduce stress and improve mood. Dancing to music can make you tired and get a good sleep. This, in turn, helps you work more effectively towards your goal. We must keep in mind Music’s importance.
Click here to learn some of the best motivational songs in Hindi that can motivate you.

Transformation in 21 Days – Day 8!

Sit in a lonely place on this day! Create a clear picture of your goal(s) in your mind. Rather, feel not only its picture, but also its feelings, sensations, music,, etc. Immerse yourself in it so much that you start feeling that you have already achieved that goal! This is also called talking to yourself without prejudice. You must understand, analyze, and agree on your shortcomings. This is the right way to bring change by knowing yourself and making necessary changes. This is also called as the Power of Visualization.

Transformation in 21 Days – Day 9!

Remember, on the fourth day, you had written your goal and some of its things in a diary or on a dream board! These things have to be repeated on the ninth day. Stand in front of a mirror and say them out loud! Feel like it was made just for you! Or as you have found them? Let us know how to pronounce them! Suppose your goal is a lot of money! So you have to say in front of the mirror, there is a store of wealth in my life! Either I want to earn unlimited wealth, or I am having it now !

If you want everyone to love you, then tell yourself that I am loveable, or that everyone loves me! Do this every day! Apart from this, if you want to be very beautiful, then look at yourself in the mirror every day and say I am beautiful! You are all beautiful in my eyes! Believe it, feel this beauty! Don’t do it at all, that you are saying something and bringing the opposite feeling in your mind! Feel one thing and believe and believe that it is 100% true! This is the power of positive affirmations!

Transformation in 21 Days – Day 10!

On this day, you have to write freely about your goal, whatever comes to your mind! No matter how bad thoughts come, keep your goal in mind and write about it! Write what it would be like to have it. Do write how would you feel after getting it. Write how the behavior of people around you will change towards you. Also, write down everything that seems important to you! On the tenth day, all you have to do is write in detail about achieving your goal! As much as you want to write, write in detail! There is no time limit! Write freely! That’s all you have to do on the tenth day!

Transformation in 21 Days – Day 11!

Whatever doubts or bad thoughts are written towards your goal on the tenth day, see them! Think, why is it? What happened to you that you have this doubt in your mind towards that goal? Think about it! For example, if your goal is a good life partner, but you have doubts! Because you have been defeated in your previous relationships, so think about why this happened. Think about the reason why your relationship did not progress further! If your aim is to get the best marks in the class, but you have doubts because till now you are second or third!

So think, why do you have such doubts? What can you do differently or what more can you do to score more marks? In the same way, look at each and every doubt of yours with clear mind! You will find that they are not even as big as you made them out to be! Also, you will realize that giving so much respect to doubt is not better for you! You will realize that there is a pattern to all your bad thoughts, such as the effect of a person on your personality and thoughts, or the effect of an event on you, etc. Pay attention to them and write them down!

How do you improve unless you know where to improve? Also, accepting your shortcomings with an open heart and mind is the way to start the journey to freedom. Breaking old bad habits is an important step towards change in yourself.

Transformation in 21 Days – Day 12!

On this day, you have to choose all the thought patterns that you wrote yesterday! Now choose your negative patterns of thinking, which were full of doubts. And for these patterns of thoughts, explain to yourself how wrong these patterns are! Change all your bad thoughts and write good thoughts in front of them! That means now your bad thoughts list, must have changed! With your good thoughts list, you will feel that all your bad thoughts have disappeared and now only your good and beneficial thoughts are left!

Day 13!

Now we are moving towards the thirteenth day! We know the last two days have been tough! That’s why you have to get some rest on this day! Just write down ten or more things about yourself that you love! Like a good friend, a good speaker, etc. Think of all the things you love about your personality! Because of this you love yourself! Hope you have a great day and enjoy it too! You will also be able to identify a powerful and good personality hidden in yourself, which you probably did not even know!

Transformation in 21 Days – Day 14!

On this day, you have to associate yourself with something! This object should be such that it defines your goal. It also reminds you of your goal all the time! Like a pearl, a crystal, a book, etc. Always carry this thing with you! By keeping things related to your goal with you, your conscious and subconscious mind will remind you of that goal all the time! For example, suppose you want your anger to reduce, or you emerge as a calm personality! So keep some metal, crystal, or object with you that will keep your anger calm! The most important thing is that you should be connected to your goal every moment and your attention should not be distracted!

Transformation in 21 Days – Day 15!

On this day, you have to separate from yourself and look at yourself or your goal from someone else’s point of view. You will feel that this action will enhance the picture of your target and make it more colorful by adding more colors to it! You have to get out of your personality and pay attention to your goal. Too often, we underestimate our potential because of our limited thinking! And when we try to see ourselves from a different perspective, we can find many hidden self-potentials! This gives you a lot of confidence and a positive attitude!

Transformation in 21 Days – Day 16!

On this day, you have to write about all those things, objects, or choices, for which you express gratitude in your life. whatever it may be! Like a good house, food, father, mother, friend whatever! Express your gratitude to them by writing all those things down or reading them every day! It is also known as the power of gratitude. Believe it or not, this is a subject of extraordinary power. When we express gratitude to others, we get a lot of positive energy in return. It also helps in improving your health, relationships, ability to deal with adversity, and many other things. It helps you to build a good human character.

You can express your gratitude for all the good things that have happened to you. Though you are availing of any service at the cost of money, expressing gratitude towards these service providers is also going to generate a positive feeling for you. The food you get every day, the water you get every day, the breath you take every day, your physical body, your home, your vehicle, the people who work in your house, anything and everything can be worthy of your gratitude.

Transformation in 21 Days – Day 17!

Now read the plan you wrote on the 5th day again. See how far you have reached and how far you have been successful! where you went wrong Or what can you do to achieve your goal? Feel good about your progress and learn from your mistakes! The most important thing is that this analysis itself will give you a lot of pleasure. This will give you the feeling that you can plan things and move towards goals. You would love to understand your limitations so that you can improve. Your abilities will increase your confidence.

In short, it’s a beautiful position to be in, to understand how you’re progressing. This practice will help you overcome your limitations – whether physical, mental, emotional or financial.

Transformation in 21 Days—Day 18!

You must have heard that if you want something from your heart, then the whole universe conspires to make you meet it. But have you ever thought, about how this universe does this? Whatever we desire from our heart, this universe gives us signals for that. According to the signs we get the right way! Today we will recognize these signs! We shall see how the universe is helping us to achieve our goals! On this day we will look for those signs and try to decode them! The best way to feel these vibrations is to wake up daily at Brahma Muhurta and meditate!

Waking up in Brahma muhurta is very beneficial. Meditation during Brahma Muhurta can help bring about a complete life change. This is the time that can connect your soul with the universe. Additionally, self-analysis done during this time can attract positive energies from the universe. Meditation done during this time can help in removing many health, mental, and emotional problems. This time slot can also be called a divine gift to man. Brahma Muhurta time is the morning period between 3.30 a.m. and 5.30 a.m. 

Transformation in 21 Days—Day 19!

On this day, we will not only feel this but will also imbibe these things in our personality. If you want to calm your anger, talk politely, take deep breaths, etc. then try from this day! This is what is known to mold your goal in your life! Whatever you want to achieve or change, you have to start practicing on it.

You have to make sure that you are making a deliberate effort to learn from your mistakes and improve yourself. You may find it a bit difficult in the beginning, but as you start getting results, you will come to know how beneficial this exercise is. We must understand that, whatever we want to achieve, we have to make efforts.

Transformation in 21 Days – Day 20!

On this day, you will have thoughts in your mind about what will happen if you achieve your goal. If you are selected as the best employee in the office or the best student, how will you celebrate? Or if you have become rich, where will you travel? If you get your desired life partner, how will you keep him/her happy? etc. By doing this, you will draw your goal closer to you. To have such thoughts about the completion of the goal is nothing but dreaming of achieving it.

It means you are visualizing your goal with your subconscious mind. It helps you reduce anxiety, make progress towards achieving your goals, and gain mental clarity so that you can be a smarter decision-maker. This is also a great relaxation technique for the mind. The message of the dream is to reject pessimism.

Transformation in 21 Days: Day 21!

Today is the last day, and you have to believe that you will get what you are seeking. This faith should be absolutely firm. Just remind yourself of the first day you started this journey and this 21st day, where you are now. Or how close you are to your goal! You will realize that these 21 days of effort have taken you ahead of 21 years in life.

Celebrate your success and learn from your mistakes. Have full faith that you will achieve your goal. The power of consistency is the key to bringing about every change in personality. Continuity is important! This is also known as the power of consistency. This is the element that prevents disorientation and helps in maintaining direction at the level of thinking.

Transformation in 21 Days: Best Wishes!

I thank you for reading this entire blog. Also, I wish you all the best for this 21-day practice. Also, I wish you all the very best for achieving your success or goal. The power of manifestation requires action on the part of a person if he wants to achieve his goals successfully. Please be informed that all these daily activities will not take much of your time. However, doing it overall for 21 days will surely bring immense benefits to your lifestyle.
Please tell me about your life-changing 21-day journey experience in the comment box.


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