Today we are going to talk about 10 Jubilant Mysteries & Powerful vibes in Universe. These secret powers & vibrations of our cosmos are known only to a very small percentage of people in this world! However, after reading this blog, you too will join those people, who have set an example from their lives by understanding these secrets of the universe! Let’s begin our journey to unravel these 10 mysteries & vibrations in universe!

Mysteries of Universe


There is amazing power in meditation! Meditation is a spiritual practice that has been used in human civilization for a long time. It is a mental and physical condition in which a person calms his mind. Friends, more than sixty thousand thoughts come in our mind every day. However, out of them only a few thoughts are good and positive. Meditation gives us the power to imbibe those good thoughts! And really this power is amazing in this whole universe!

Even in science, accepting this power of meditation, it has been described as helpful for eliminating mental stress, fatigue and depression-filled thoughts and for the development of self-confidence!

Benefits of meditation are many – calm mind, focused attention, good concentration power, clarity of thoughts and feelings, balanced emotions in stressful situations, better communication skills, birth of new skills and talents, inexhaustible inner strength, healing powers, inner source of energy The ability to connect with, relax, rejuvenate and even attract good luck! These are all natural effects of regular meditation practice.
To know how to learn meditation, you can click here & go to external link!


Law of Attraction is another unsolved mystery of this universe! Though it has been largely solved but the limits of its power are still being discovered! According to the theory, what we think is visible to us in the form of reality around us. This universe manifests in our life as we think. We must be careful about our thoughts as what we think, we tend to get. If thoughts are positive, what we get is positivity & vice versa.

This whole rule works with a very strong faith! And it accepts what we feel is what we want to achieve. If our full feelings, with full force attract them, then this biggest law of nature i.e. the law of attraction spreads its magic, and that thing comes very close in your life! Similarly, one day that imagination also becomes true in your life!

How does the law of attraction work? Basically, the energy of your thoughts manifests your experiences. That’s why positive thoughts manifest positive experiences! Researchers suggest that there are three central universal principles that make up the Law of Attraction. Let us know about it also.

2.1 Like attracts Like

This law states that like things are attracted to each other. This means that people attract people who are similar to them. Negative thinking is believed to attract negative experiences, while positive thinking produces positive experiences.

2.2 Nature Abhors a Vacuum

This law of attraction states that removing negative things from your life can make room for more positive things to take their place. It is based on the assumption that it is impossible to have a completely empty space in your mind and in your life. Since something or the other will always fill the void, it is important to fill that void with positivity.

2.3 The Present Is Always Perfect

This stream focuses on the idea that there are always some good things you can do to make the present moment better. However, it may always seem that the present is defective in some way or the other. But the idea proposes that, instead of feeling fear or unhappiness, you should focus your energy on finding ways to make the best of the present moment.


This power of expressing gratitude or Thanks, does make this universe even more mysterious! Because through this feeling we do express gratitude to the happiness, circumstances, things and people present in our life, then the vibrations of your positive thoughts reach the universe very quickly! Then of course, no matter how much sorrow, how many troubles there are in your life, the gratitude expressed by your positive thoughts and feelings starts spreading new colors of happiness in your life! This was only possible because you attracted good things and circumstances into your life by expressing gratitude through the Law of Attraction!


Friends, this is also another wonderful mystery of this universe! Whatever you think; see; hear under this mystery; realize, all that matters. And you can change your life with the energy of your thoughts! Whatever thought you focus your attention on, matching energy with that thought starts coming into your life.

This is the reason why a poor remains poor in 99% of the cases. Because he always focuses his attention on cursing God and crying over his situation! In such a situation, those who focus on the idea of ​​becoming rich & have the power to stand out in the crowd, do achieve wealth through their positive thoughts and actions! Friends, everything in this universe is a form of energy, that is why it can neither be created nor destroyed.!


Another unsolved mystery of this universe is our dreams. These dreams are of two types. One which we see while sleeping at night and the other which we want to realize with open eyes. Friends, as per scientists, these night dreams are because of influence of our subconscious mind on our thoughts!

But friends, when we connect this concept with the universe, then we find that our subconscious mind is also the biggest magnet of attraction for the powers of this universe! That’s why you have to understand the hidden message behind those pictures sent from the universe which appear in your sleep in the form of dreams!

Another dream we see with open eyes! Which we also call our goal or goal! This is also nothing less! Because the strong vibrations emanating from the intentions of this goal attract in your life not only that goal, but also the challenges to be won to achieve that goal! That’s why definitely make a goal of your life! Because human life is meaningless without a goal and the whole universe inspires you to set one or more big goals in your life!


The meaning of the word Brahmamuhurt is understood as– Brahma means the creator of this universe and Muhurt means time! That is, this time is the most sacred and appropriate time to feel the powers of Brahma! According to Indian Ayurvedic texts, at this time a person should leave his bed and do yoga and such spiritual activities that connect him with Brahma and the universe. Just by getting up in Brahma Muhurta, it pacifies the Vata i.e. air in our body and controls our mind! In the Vedic tradition, this period is considered ideal for spiritual practices like prayer. By meditating at this time, our mind remains focused.

The crucial time of Brahma Muhurta is between 3 am to 6 am. Some define it as exactly 1 hour 36 minutes before sunrise. 1 Muhurta = 48 minutes. Brahma Muhurta starts exactly 2 Muhurtas before sunrise. Therefore, it starts exactly 1 hour 36 minutes before sunrise and ends 48 minutes before. As we know that the time of sunrise varies according to the seasons and geographical locations, accordingly the Brahma Muhurta also varies.


The seven (7) chakras, present in the form of energy centers in the human body, allow human life to feel the infinite forces of the universe. Those who are enriched with the awakening of their seven chakras are really successful! And they know the secret that these seven chakras are connected with this Universe! There are one hundred and nine (109) chakras in our body. Twelve are the main ones. And among these also nine are important! And among these also seven chakras are important! This chakra is the center of our human body where all our nerves come and meet.

Indian Sadhaks and Yogis have learned the secrets of a calm, simple and prosperous life by conquering these chakras! This chakra is the main gate of our body! In which if even one of them is closed, or if there is any problem in them, then the balance of human life will be disturbed, and many different diseases will enter our body. There is a store of unlimited energy in these chakras. The person who succeeds in opening these chakras through meditation, not only receives the blessings of living more than a hundred years, but there is no such thing as sorrow left in his life!

But nowadays people are addicted to external things like Junk Food, Fast Food and such a lifestyle whose purpose is only to show off; Knowingly or unknowingly, we attack these very chakras by adopting such lifestyle. And as a result, they waste not only their money, but also their time, their energy, their health, their mental peace by visiting hospitals and clinics for so many days! That’s why we have to think about the awakening of our seven chakras today itself!

Names of the 7 Chakras for your easy reference.

1. Mooladhara Chakra – Mooladhara Chakra.
2. Swadhishthana Chakra – Sacral Chakra.
3. Manipur Chakra – Solar Plexus Chakra.
4. Anahat Chakra – Heart Chakra.
5. Vishuddha Chakra – Throat Chakra.
6. Ajna Chakra – Third Eye Chakra.
7. Sahasrara Chakra – Crown Chakra.


Both these powers work in this universe in a very wonderful way! By now you have come to know how the power of thoughts works in this universe! But when we give the form of words to these thoughts, then the reflection of those thoughts attains even faster speed and reaches the universe! That’s why by giving words to your thoughts, this universe will reveal those challenges in your life, crossing which you will achieve the goal reflected in those thoughts!

For this, you can communicate your goal to the universe by writing a certain number of thoughts daily through a simple diary and a pen. When you write down your thoughts, you are in a way giving orders to the universe that you will achieve that goal. Then this universe prepares you to achieve that goal!

Self-talk means talking to yourself, listening to the voice of your heart and listening to the voice of your subconscious mind. Because both these elements present in our body are the most powerful elements of this universe. You do not hear the voice of your subconscious mind just like that because its voice is considered to be the voice of God. Asking yourself this question sitting in a quiet place in solitude and listening to its answer with patience is an important art, which is known by the great people of this world and by applying this secret in their life, they have won over every challenge. Now it is a time for you to get on this!


This is the technique through which we convert thoughts into our mental picture. You give wings to your thoughts with the power of visualization and feel your goal closely. Friends, this is another unique power of this universe which we can see and feel as well. You just have to use your imagination. The result will happen automatically! Sending your thoughts to the universe through images is one of the most powerful means of getting the universe committed to your goal.

The power of visualization is its ability to produce results that you do not see. Everything that is created or achieved first started as an idea in someone’s mind. “Seeing” yourself successful helps you believe that it can – and will – happen. Visualization helps you “rehearse” success. When you visualize every step of an event or activity going well, you prepare your mind and body to take those steps in real life.


You must have heard this mantra “Consistency is the key” means your consistency only makes you successful. You have made your thoughts positive, you have also set your intentions, but the next moment you again become negative, then you are defying the forces of this universe. To be consistent, means you have to be consistent towards your positive thinking! To maintain this continuity, you can read some self-help books, which help you to expand your mental outlook, and inspire you to always be committed towards your goal!

Consistency is directly related to building habits that can positively change your behavior. When you’re persistent, you create the momentum you need to get (and stay) motivated and make progress.

Friends, I hope you will always make good use of these 10 secrets and powers of the universe! I wish you lots of good luck for your golden future! You keep moving forward like this, always keep learning something new! And most importantly – always keep smiling, it looks great on you!
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