Easy But Highly Effective Tips For Better & Deep Sleep.

Photo credit: Unsplash

Nature has given a very beautiful gift to one that makes you live longer, improves your memory, creativity, you stay slim, look more attractive & much more to Live. This gift is called as Sleep.

Sleep 8 hrs. Science has also proved that 8 hours sleep, a day, has immense positive health benefits. It also increases your happiness, energy & keeps you stress-free. It works as magic for you.

Sleep doesn't just mean lack of wakefulness. It is a very complex, metabolic process. Restful sleep is essential to prepare the brain to learn something new and to retain it after learning.

We don't realize that insufficient, less sleep is the root cause of many diseases seen in the household today as we don't value it. We can certainly do the few things to get a good night's sleep.

Do not change the sleeping time too much. Instead of setting an alarm for when to wake up, set it for when to go to bed and stick to that time. Try to make this as a Habit.

If you don't fall asleep lying down on the bed, don't lie waiting for it, don't read anything at that time. Listening to soft music, Aum tune or rain sounds for sleep is best for de-stressing.

Sleeping music for deep sleeping. Keep all the lights in the house dim starting 8 pm or so. Keep all screens on night mode. No screen TV, mobile, laptop. Try to be relax.

Daylight is an important sleep regulator. Walk / be in clean sunlight for at least half an hour every day. Do not stay in AC for whole day. This is good for deep sleep.

Do not face the clock in the room. Otherwise, you keep looking at it. And then, "oh dear, it's so late, I still can't sleep", such thoughts bring stress. To get better & proper sleep, avoid this.

The sleeping room should be quiet, cool enough and dark. Bed and pillow should be comfortable. No electronic devices should be there. Keep provision for music for better sleep.

No coffee, tea, chocolate late evening onwards. Avoid alcohol. Don't have a heavy meal late at night. Proper digestion is very important for proper & deep sleep.

Exercise regularly, but not two-three hours before sleep. Try to do exercise that can make you little tired. Yoga & meditation are best options.

Take a warm bath before going to bed. If possible, try to add some Salt in it. Do pray to water requesting to "wash away" all of your impurities. Believe me, it will work slowly.

Take a look at your sleep sheets for the last 10 days. How was my sleep? Once its shortcomings are identified, understood & accepted, yourself can make right efforts to eliminate them & have deep sleep.

Thanks for reading this. Wishing you eight hours of calm, restful, undisturbed peace.