9/11 = 9 September = Nine Eleven, also known as September 11, 2001, is a date etched in history. On this day, the world witnessed horrifying terrorist attacks and plane crashes in the United States. These events unveiled the grim reality of terrorism, leaving the world in shock. Thousands of innocent lives were tragically lost for no apparent reason, and the damage to public property was unbelievable & illogical. Even after 22 years, the memories of this devastating incident continue to haunt us. This incident is a clear indication to entire world as how horrifying terrorism threat is.

What exactly transpired on that fateful day in America? Why did this unimaginable tragedy occur? Who were the individuals responsible for masterminding these attacks? The repercussions of 9/11 had a profound impact on the world, reshaping international relations and security. In this blog, as I welcome you, we will delve into these questions and more, taking you on a journey through the real-life events surrounding 9/11.


9/11 Attack was intended with 10 planes & not 4.

What world witnessed on 9/11, was a deadly attack on USA hijacking 4 planes. However, it would have been more horrible, had the original plan from hijackers got implemented. Fact is, A much bigger terrorist plot was initially proposed. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM), the architect of 9/11, originally wanted to have nine planes flown into a variety of targets, including nuclear power plants. A tenth plane would have then been landed at an airport, where all male passengers would have been killed in a grisly media spectacle. Fortunately, this plan was deemed too complex and scaled back to “just” four planes.

How the day of 9/11 started for President of America?

11 September 2011 – Tuesday. It was just like any ordinary day for the President, the most powerful person in the world i.e. US. About a thousand miles away from Washington DC, a program of the then President George W. Bush was going on in a school in Florida. The pleasantries between Bush and the students were about to begin! At the same time, White House Chief of Staff Andrew Heal card Jr. came and whispered something in Bush’s ear. President Bush’s face pales a little, but soon he returns to normal. And everything starts moving at the same pace as before! A series of conversations go on with the students in the class.

After some time, hide the uneasiness on the face Andrew Hill Card and then enter the class! This time he speaks some eleven words in Bush’s ear in a very measured tone. President Bush is shocked and horrified to hear Andrew Card’s words. But still, he remains calm! You might be wondering what Andrew Card whispered into his ear? So let me tell you that Andrew Hill Card had told President Bush about the air attack on America, which is today known as 9/11 Attack. Friends, this was a terrorist attack on the most powerful country in the world!

The first target was Twin Towers of World Trade Center – North Tower

It was the morning of September 11, 2001, and the people of America were living their daily lives. American Airlines Flight 11 takes off from Boston International Airport. The destination of this flight is – Los Angeles, California. About ninety-two (92) people are aboard this plane. Of which eleven (11) are crew members. And there are eighty-one (81) passengers! About fifteen minutes after takeoff, it is revealed that out of these eighty-one passengers (5) there are five hijackers.

In a short time, all these high jackers hijack the plane & forcefully enter the cockpit. One of these high jackers is trained like a pilot. And his name is Mohammed Atta. By nationality, he is an Egyptian and is thirty-three years old. It snatches control of the plane from the pilot and co-pilot & flies the plane straight towards the World Trade Center. Hijackers take the plane into the North Tower of the World Trade Center and cause it to Crash. This first plane crash happens at 8.46 in the morning! One of the Twin Towers collapses. Suddenly, there is a stir in America.

Let me tell you about a celebrity who had a near-miss on 9/11 was Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane. He had a seat booked on Flight 11 but missed the departure by 10 minutes. Hungover, he decided to take a nap at the airport, waking up 45 minutes later to the surreal news that the plane he should have been on had crashed into the North Tower.

The second target was Twin Towers of World Trade Center – South Tower

World Trade Center! Friends, it was a very monumental historical building of that time. And, at one time it was one of the tallest buildings in the USA. When President Bush was first told about this incident while he was at a school function, he did not believe it at all. Rather, they believed that the pilot may have suffered a heart attack and therefore lost control, causing the plane to crash into the World Trade Center. He continues his reading exercises with the students in the class. It was not an act of carelessness, as it was really unimaginable to even think of such man-made plane crash attacks on USA.

But just 17 seventeen minutes after the incident, it is revealed that United Airlines Flight 175 has also been hi-jacked by 5 hi-jackers. Once again hi jackers take control of the flight by force. And the same thing happens again. Hi jackers take the plane towards the World Trade Center. And, this time they crash into the South Tower. Andrew Card’s words to President Bush were – A second plane has hit the second tower. America is under attack.

People were still unable to understand the first crash when this second crash shocked them. Time 9:03:02: Flight 175 crashes into the southern part of the World Trade Center’s South Tower (2 WTC), between floors 77 and 85. All passengers aboard are killed instantly and so are an unknown number of people in the tower. But the story does not stop here.

9/11 Plane attacks continued. This time it is “The Pentagon”.

After some time, the news comes that two more planes have been hijacked. One was American Airlines flight 77. And the second United Airlines Flight 93. Flight 77 took off from Washington International Airport in the US for Los Angeles. And Flight 93 took off from New Jersey in New York to California. Flight 77 had 5 hijackers & there were 4 hijackers on Flight 93. Hijackers reroute both the flights and turn them towards Washington DC. Let me tell you that Washington DC is the capital of the United States of America.

The US Department of Defense Headquarters Building is located just a short distance from Washington DC, with a name as The Pentagon. The Pentagon is also a very iconic building in itself. Hijackers divert Flight 77 towards the Pentagon building and crash the plane into this building at 9:37 am. Due to this, the building gets a lot of damage. The aircraft hit the E ring on the first deck level between corridors 4 and 5. The plane’s path of destruction ended in the lane between C Ring and B Ring. All passengers aboard are instantly killed and so are 125 civilian and military personnel in the building.

By this time all the airports in USA had been shut down. All the planes which were present in the air are ordered to land at their nearest airport. 9:45 AM –US airspace is shut down under Operation Yellow Ribbon. All civilian aircraft are ordered to land at the nearest airport. At 9:59 am, the South Tower of the World Trade Center collapses due to a massive fire. 9:59 AM – The South Tower of the World Trade Center collapses.

The most questioned situation. Where is 4th Hijacked Plane?

Meanwhile, the fear of the fourth hijacked plane, United Airlines Flight 93, crashing starts to haunt everyone. Everyone now speculates that this plane may actually crash into the White House or the USA Capitol Hill. White House, you all know how important this is to the USA. This is the residence of the President of USA. And there is the Capitol Hill of USA. It is the legislative seat of the USA Federal Government. Now it is not difficult to understand how big an incident a plane crashing on any of these two buildings could be. But nothing like this happens.

When the fourth hijacked plane was in the air, many passengers inside became aware of the WTC plane crash. They either got the news on their cellphones or got a call from family members. They also became aware that his plane was also on the verge of crashing. However, the story takes a different turn here. All the passengers fought with the hijackers. Though, it is not clear what actually happened inside, but it is true that the plane did not crash in any public place or popular place. If this had not happened, like the other three accidents, many innocent people would have lost their lives.

All these passengers were the real Heroes of 9/11 incident who sacrificed their lives for the country/other people. Flight 93 plows into an empty field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania at 10:03:11. To date, we still don’t know for certain where the plane was heading. However, this must be agreed that 4th attack was thwarted because of brave actions of 40 passengers & crew aboard. The hijacking of Flight 93 was led by Ziad Jarrah, a member of al-Qaeda.

Some eyebrow raising unknow facts about these attacks.

1. Ground 0 – the name given to the devastated site of the collapsed World Trade Center towers in New York after September 11,2001.
2. Ground Zero burned for 99 days – The combination of jet fuel and combustible matter, such as office documents and furniture, meant that the wreckage of the World Trade Center burned non-stop for 99 days.
3. Michael Jackson was almost a victim – The night before 9/11, Michael Jackson put on a lavish concert in New York’s iconic Madison Square Garden. He stayed up so late, in fact, that he overslept and missed a meeting scheduled to take place at the Twin Towers the next morning.

4. A woman survived 27 hours in the wreckage – Miraculously, several people were pulled alive from the scorched wreckage of the World Trade Center. The last to be saved was Genelle Guzman-McMillan, a young migrant from Trinidad and Tobago who worked as an office assistant in the North Tower. Genelle remained buried for 27 long hours before firefighters finally came across her.
5. Many British people died – Other than the US, the country that sustained the most casualties on 9/11 was the United Kingdom. 

6. The terrorists used elaborate codenames – The 9/11 attackers referred to some of their targets using elaborate codenames. They called the Pentagon ‘the Faculty of Fine Arts’, while the North Tower of the WTC was ‘the Faculty of Town Planning’. The attacks themselves were referred to as ‘the first semester’, while the 19 terrorists were dubbed ‘19 certificates for private education’.
7. One company lost the majority of its staff – Investment bank Cantor Fitzgerald. The company’s offices were situated above the plane’s impact site, meaning that nobody present at work that day survived. Of its 960 New York employees, 658 were killed.

Al Qaeda terrorist organization and Osama bin Laden.

This day, which started with a dreadful morning, had by noon witnessed the death of three thousand people and the injury of six thousand people. A lot had changed in the world in 102 minutes. Now there must be a question in everyone’s mind that who caused this crash and whose hand would be behind it? How was it planned, and the biggest question is how was it executed? Because it was not a common thing to enter such a powerful country and attack it.

The responsibility of this attack was taken by a terrorist organization named Al Qaeda and the leader of Al Qaeda was Osama Bin Laden. Laden came in the public eye only after these attacks. Hardly anyone had heard its name before this. Laden, in turn, had held America responsible for this attack. In fact, in the Afghanistan war that lasted from 1979 to 1989, America had supported these militants to defeat the USSR.

Beginning of Jihadi Movement.

So the beginning of this story did not start in 2001 but 28 years back in 1973 itself. When Mohammad Dawood overthrew the government of King Zahir Shah with communist support on Afghanistan and formed his own government there. In this way the communists had come to power in Afghanistan also. As soon as they came to power, they started breaking the religion there. Due to this religious rift, many Muslims left Afghanistan and started settling in other Islamic countries like Pakistan.

This was the time of the Cold War, when America and the Soviet Union were face to face. In such a situation, America and Britain were not able to see at all that the Soviet Union had succeeded in occupying Afghanistan. In such a situation, America and Britain started influencing people to leave the country against the Soviet Union. America started giving weapons and money to the Afghans who went to Pakistan. And from here a Jihadi movement started – against those people who did not believe in Allah, i.e. against the communists. Many young leaders joined this movement, who later became part of organizations like Taliban.

People like Ahmed Shah Masood were also included in this, who were against radical Islam. So, there were people who were being given funding from Pakistan. Later, they came to be known as Mujahideen terrorists.

Instability in Afghanistan.

Due to these, instability has arisen in Afghanistan. This instability had increased so much that the Soviet Union started feeling that Afghanistan was not being handled by that government. After which the Soviet Union attacked Afghanistan and took it under its control. And ruled it for the next ten years! In such a situation, countries like Saudi Arabia were also seeing themselves in communist danger. They were afraid that communism might spread to Iran, Iraq and the Middle East through Afghanistan.

If this happens then it will be no less than a threat to the religion of Islam! He did not want the Soviet Union to move towards the Gulf countries. To stop them, the rich people of Saudi Arabia started providing money to the Mujahideen sitting in Pakistan. At the same time, many rich boys of Saudi Arabia also joined the fight of Jihad and one of them was Osama Bin Laden.

(The 9/11 ringleader Mohamed Atta and several of his accomplices had originally planned to undertake their jihad by battling Russian forces in Chechnya. But, while travelling on a train in Germany in 1999, the group was approached by a stranger who was affiliated with Al Qaeda. As a consequence of this meeting, Atta’s group was introduced to Osama bin Laden, paving the way for 9/11.)

How was the 9/11 planned?

In a way, Pakistan had become a frontline country to stop the USSR. But in 1991, when America attacked Iraq, Osama became anti-American because Iraq was an Islamic country. After a few years, in 1996, Afghanistan was captured by Taliban & their government was formed. After this, Laden started living properly in Afghanistan. Laden carried out some terrorist events from 1996 to 1998. The most important of these was the Lebanon attack. In this, Laden attacked the embassy of Africa. Many people were killed in this. This inspired Laden that he could attack America also. And from here the planning of 9/11 attack started.

Bin Laden selected 19 terrorists from Afghanistan for this and trained them for this attack. Let me tell you that their training was done in Pakistan only. His training ended in 1999. After which everyone was sent to America in small groups one by one till March 2001. Some of them were also given training to fly planes, and that too in America only.

US Today had written many important information related to the attack in its article on the basis of the report of American investigative agency FDI. It was told in this article that two terrorists named Hani Hanzoor and Nawaf-al Hajmi had reached America much before the attack. He was living a normal life in New Jersey. Hanzoor had also learned to fly a plane in America itself.

Negligence of the investigating agencies?

Both these terrorists did not use any kind of fake ID. Nor did these people remain underground. Rather lived like a common man in America. All 19 terrorists had entered America with proper documents. They all were having legal Visa. However, there were two terrorists among them who were on the radar of the American agency. The CIA knew that Nawaf-al Hajmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar were al-Qaeda operatives. But CIA did not give this information to FBI. Whereas everyone was aware of the threat from Al Qaeda Chief Osama Bin Laden.

The American agency also knew that the attack was planned in the meeting held in Malaysia on January 5, 2000. Many special agents of FDI still raise questions as to why CIA did not share that information with FDI? There is no concrete information about this till now and it is because of this great carelessness of American Agencies that the terrorists carried out such a big attack.
Click on this link to know the names of all the hijackers.

How many innocent people lost their lives?

In all, 2977 people (not counting the 19 hijackers) lost their lives, most of them in New York. All the 246 passengers and crew members on board the four planes were killed. 2606 people died on the Twin Towers – on the spot or later. 125 people died in the Pentagon due to injuries. The youngest victim was two-year-old Christine Lee Hanson, who died on a plane with her parents Peter and Sue. The oldest was 82-year-old Robert Norton, who was on another plane with his wife, Jacqueline, to go to a wedding.

When the first plane hit, an estimated 17,400 people were in the towers. No one survived above the impact zone in the North Tower, but 18 people managed to escape from the floors above the impact zone in the South Tower. Thousands of people were injured or later developed illnesses linked to the attacks, including firefighters who worked in toxic debris.

America’s revenge on Laden.

This attack of 9/11 changed the geopolitics of the world within a few hours. The terrorist attack against America had started a new era & the new political idea of war against terrorism was born. Under this, the largest gathering of military power of Western countries after the Second World War was seen. On September 20, 2011, nine days after the 9/11 attacks, US President George W. Bush launched the War against Terror.

Bush said our fight against terrorism starts with Al Qaeda. But, it will not end here. This fight will not end until every terrorist organization in the world is detected, stopped and defeated. Only after this the action of the American army continued. As part of the war against terrorism, military operations were started first in Afghanistan and then in Iraq. And the destruction of Al Qaeda’s network was started.

According to a report, 136 countries of the world offered military assistance to America. 142 countries have frozen the assets of terrorists. America alone broke the economic back of 153 terrorists and terrorist groups. However, it took America ten years to kill the real culprit of 9/11 attacks, Osama Bin Laden. Bin Laden was killed in an attack in Pakistan in 2011.

Patriot Act established by America. (USA PATRIOT ACT)

The official title of the USA PATRIOT Act is “Unifying and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Necessary to Prevent and Disrupt Terrorism (USA PATRIOT) Act of 2001.” The purpose of the USA Patriot Act is to prevent and punish terrorist acts in the United States & around the world, to enhance law enforcement investigative tools, and also for certain other purposes. However, it is said that the objective of this law and its implementation did not go together.

The biggest criticism is that the Patriot Act violates the Fourth Amendment by allowing the government to access the private information of American citizens. It is also said that the US government has controlled and used the privacy of citizens in many unfair forms through this Act. While American government is of the opinion that unless we scrutinize every information of every individual, how do we know if he / she is part of terrorist group or otherwise.?

Drastic Changes in Security System at Airports.

After 9/11, aggressive changes came in airport security norms. Before 2001, there were not many security checks on the airports of the world. Guards used to check mainly ID only. A kind of security check used to done through metal detector, before boarding the plane, as you must have seen while going to a shopping mall. There was no need to reach to Airport in advance. It was enough for you to arrive 15 minutes, half an hour before the flight.

But after 9/11 everything changed. Today, full body scan, mandatory personal ID check, passport check, boarding pass is issued for entry. You are asked to empty your pockets. When bags are checked, you will have to take out the laptop and other devices. The amount of liquids you can carry on the plane is also restricted. And there are so many different little restrictions that never existed before.

Explosive detection systems were deployed in the US after December 2002 and later in the rest of the world. For the first time, pilots were given weapons for their own protection in early 2003. Cockpit fortifications were reinforced to protect them from intrusions even from small firearms and bullets.

7 Movies worth watching on 9/11.

Today we’re recommending seven movies about 9/11 and its consequences. Some of these films are fictional. Others are inspired by, or based on, actual events. Either way, they each try to provide insight into what the events of that day unleashed.
1. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (2011). 2. Reign Over Me (2004). 3. The Report (2019). 4. The Reluctant Fundamentalist (2012). 5. Worth (2020). 6. United 93 (2006). 7. Zero Dark Thirty (2012).

What are your views on 9/11 and terrorism?

22 years have now passed since this incident. This is a black day not only in America but in the history of the whole world. If seen, America may have taken its revenge by attacking Osama bin Laden, but millions of innocent people lost their lives in this war. Despite decades of anti-terrorist campaigns, there is still a direct and indirect threat in the world. The steps taken by America after this incident was an unthinkable hyper reaction.

Yes, but it can definitely be said that owing to this terror attack incidents, the western world was awakened. They had to accept that terrorism is not just a regional problem, but it is a global threat. Everyone needs to fight together. What are your thoughts on this? Be sure to share your opinion in our comment section.


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