French Bulldog Diaries: Colombia's Rope Daddy's Journey to Stardom.



Over the last decade, the global population & popularity of French bulldogs has surged by more than 1,000%, surpassing the Golden Retriever as the most popular dog breed worldwide.

The Big Rope variety of French bulldogs is characterized by a small, compact, and muscular body, along with a large, square head, making it highly sought after by dog lovers.

Here, one particular canine stands out for possessing exceptional genetic material – Rope Daddy. This pooch is hailed as potentially the most expensive French bulldog globally.

Rope Daddy

Rope Daddy, a French bulldog from the Big Rope family, now crowned as the world's most valuable dog with an imposing value of £95,000 (bnnbreaking)


This recognition goes to his square head, muscular physique, and distinctive thick wrinkles making him a unique doggy. 


Exceptional care he receives from his owner, Julian Montoya is an additional factor. 

Julian Montoya. Colombia.

As per Julian,  he spends about $350 a month on Rope Daddy’s diet. Diet includes raw meat, carrots, and Greek yogurt, as well as vitamins and other supplements.

Julian has been keeping his Instagram account busy uploading information about Rope Daddy.  Rope Daddy's is now famous as ""the perfect Frenchie"

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