Nick Bosa's Fitness success story. Fruit Juice & Vegetables. Let Us know More About It In Detail In This Web Story.

Bosa has always been known as one of the finest Defensive players in NFL. Undoubtfully credit goes to his  toned athletic & muscular body.

Like all others,  Bosa's diet has full priority to high protein food items with limited carbohydrates. (carbs)

However, there is something more to know about. His First Addiction is Fruits, Fruit Juices & Vegetables. Raw form is much preferred by him.

He loves it as they are easy to consume. Here he is huge fan of "Slow Juicing" so that maximum nutrients can be absorbed in the body, in addition to freshness. 

Nick Bosa says he is feeling better & performing better after being consistent with Fruit / Juices / Vegetable. He happily recommends it to all of his fan club.

Nick Bosa's personal Chef says - Nick’s favorite juice is the zing-ginger in which I incorporate kale, cucumbers, celery and then red apples, citrus fruits like grapefruit, orange, lemon, and ginger.