Let us meet Cocker Spaniel Leo Dog who shoots Basketball, paints, holds Word Record & does many more things.

Leo gathered attention in 2023 by achieving the Guinness World Record for the "highest number of coins deposited into a piggy bank by a dog within a minute."

During a public event at Logie Durno Village Hall in Pitcaple, Scotland, the canine used its mouth to collect and deposit 23 coins into a piggy bank.

Owner Emily Anderson has dedicated 2 years to train dog for the piggy bank trick. This record attempt has took place on Feb 24, 2023 & Leo got certificate on June 3, 2023.

Drying countless wet coins for months was  the  drawback of the piggy bank challenge. Dry coins were essential for Leo's efficiency in picking them up quickly. Owner told to Guinness World Records.

Leo holds not only the Guinness World Record but also the title of International Trick Dog Champion, accredited by Do More With Your Dog!

Additionally, Leo Dog holds the paintbrush in his mouth very easily & does paining too. His painting skills are awesome.

Do you know, Leo Shoots basketball very well. It is a great fun watching him doing so. His Instagram followers has many comments on this.

Anderson shares videos on Leo's Instagram, which has over 170,000 followers. The videos feature Leo learning new tricks and participating in different dog shows.

Emily Anderson is 31 years of age from Scotland. Leo is around 4 years of age. This duo is on TikTok too keeping people surprised with Leo's different skills.

Image: Chris Sumner/ DC Thomson.

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