The 5 fingers of the hand are thumb, index, middle, ring & little. They are connected with other vital organs of the body and play a very effective role in health and well-being. Let us know about it.

1. The Thumb

Our thumb is connected to your lung. If your heart rate is increased, massage the thumb and pull gently. This will relax you.

2. The Index Finger

This finger is connected to the gastro-intestinal track. If you have a pain in your stomach, gently rub this finger, and the pain will disappear.

3. The Middle Finger

This finger is connected with circulation system. If you feel dizzy or nervous, massage this finger for instant relief.

4. The Ring Finger

This finger is connected with your state of mind. If for some reason you are not in a good mood, slowly massage and pull this finger. Soon you will see the results and your mood will improve

5. The Little Finger

Little finger is associated with kidney and head. If you have a headache, gently massage and press this finger. Your headache will go away. Massaging this finger also keeps the kidneys healthy.

I hope you NOW  have a better understanding of the health relationship of our fingers. LET US PROMOTE & LIVE LIFE WITHOUT MEDICINE.

The controls for the various elements in our body lie at the fingertips — the little, ring, middle and index fingers representing earth, water, ether and air respectively while the thumb represents fire.

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