In a shocking & devastating turn of events, more than 90 people lost their lives in a horrific attack on a concert hall in Moscow _ 23 Mar 2024

Russia's Health Minister, Mikhail Murashko communicated that around 145 people were hospitalized,. It includes five children, one of whom was in serious condition.

The Islamic State group - ISIS-K, claimed responsibility for the attack. They said their fighters attacked a big group in Moscow &  went back to their bases safely after the attack.

People in camouflage clothes went into the building. They started shooting and throwing grenades or bombs. Videos showed fire and smoke coming out of the building.

3 helicopters were involved in efforts to put out the fire, dumping water on the giant concert hall that can hold several thousand people and has hosted top international artists.

People hid behind seats or ran to basements or rooftops to escape. It was a terrifying moment as bullets flew. Thankfully, just after midnight, the authorities announced they had controlled the fire.

The US embassy had said two weeks before the attack that there was a risk of "extremists" targeting mass gatherings in Moscow, including concerts.

The president, Mr. Putin has wished everyone a speedy recovery and has offered his gratitude to the doctors. As quoted by Russian news agencies.

Police have detained all four terrorists directly involved in carrying out the deadly attack -following a "car chase" in Russia'sBryansk region. - NDTV World.

President Putin, has said the Moscow attack shows how serious the threat of terrorism is to Russia, (and to the entire world) according to Russia’s TASS state news agency.

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