It is better to analyze the next 7 health indications in time to avoid the severe impact of Diabetes on health.

1. Sudden Blurred Vision

Diabetes can affect blood vessels in our eyes which can lead to blurred vision. It may even cause a loss of vision if not-treated. It makes the blood supplying nerves dry.

2.Tingling hands and feet.

Feeling numbness or tingling sensations in your hands and feet might indicate nerve damage triggered by diabetes.

Neuropathy, characterized by such sensations, typically begins in the extremities and can worsen if blood sugar levels are left unregulated. 

3. Recurring Infections.

High blood sugar weakens immunity, raising infection risk. If frequent Urinary Track Infections, yeast, or skin infections occur, check blood sugar levels promptly.

4. Slow Wound Healing

Delayed healing of cuts or bruises, than usual,, may indicate complications related to diabetes. Be aware of it.

5. Constant Thirst

(Polydipsia.) Persistent thirst is a typical diabetes symptom. Elevated blood sugar prompts the body to expel excess sugar via urine, causing increased thirst & frequent urination.

7. Fatigue

Fatigue often accompanies diabetes due to high blood sugar levels disrupting energy regulation, causing persistent tiredness and low energy levels throughout the day.

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