Courage, dedication and strong purpose are the foundation of our strength. Let us understand this through this motivational story.

A grain of food was stuck somewhere in the hollow of the tree. The bird begged the tree to give it that grain, but the tree would hardly listen to the little bird.

Defeated, the bird went to the carpenter and requested him to cut down the tree, as the tree was not giving his food grain. But where was the carpenter going to cut down the tree for grain?

Then the bird went to the king and told the king to punish the carpenter because the carpenter does not cut the tree and the tree does not give grain (dana). The king also scolded the little bird and chased it away.

The bird went to the Mahout and requested that the next time the king sits on the elephant's back, you should knock him down, because the king does not punish the carpenter. A carpenter does not cut down a tree. The tree does not give back my food grain.

The mahout also chased away the bird. The bird went back to the elephant and requested that the next time the mahout sits on your back, you knock him down because he is not ready to knock down the king. The elephant  also did not support.

Finally, the bird went to the ant and repeated the same request that you enter the trunk of the elephant, the ant said to the bird, "Come run away from here.. 

The bird, which was in a pleading posture till now turned fierce. The bird said, " I will not be able to harm the tree, the carpenter, the king, the mahouts and the elephant,. but I can eat you in my beak.

The ant got scared. She ran towards the elephant. The elephant ran to the mahout. The mahout asked the king to do the work of the bird, or else I will cut you down. The king called the carpenter and said cut the tree, or else he will punish you. 

The carpenter approached the tree. When the tree screams at the sight of the carpenter, don't cut me down. I will return the grain(s) to the bird. At last the bird took the grain from the tree and went happily to its nest.

Learning.  You have to know your strength. Even if you are like a small bird, you have to know that the links of strength are going through you somewhere.  Don't be afraid of your fight. Be & Stay Motivated.