23 Mar 2024  attack on a well-attended concert at Crocus City Hall building; Moscow, has been the most lethal act of terrorism witnessed in the Russian capital in over ten years.


ISIS has released a 90 seconds video of the Moscow Crocus City Hall attack, showing 4 terrorists with blurred faces.

The video shows 1 terrorist signaling to another to attack where people were hiding to save their lives. Dead bodies, blood, and smoke are visible. The attack has claimed 133 lives so far.


The government / Russian media house RT aired VDOs questioning of the suspects on Russian TV channels.


The footage implicates a suspect in the terrorist attack, revealing their full planning. Russia's security service is pursuing their apprehension.


In this viral video,  a suspect in the attack is confessing his crime, revealing details of the entire planning. The attacker had intended to flee towards Ukraine after the assault as per the plan.

According to a report by the Russian media house RT, the terrorist attack was carried out with meticulous planning. The attackers had already concealed weapons inside the Crocus City Hall.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin: - the attack occurred during a concert of the famous Russian rock band Picnic at the hall. Terrorists arrived at the entry gate with automatic weapons & began firing.

According to eyewitnesses, the attackers had beards and were armed with weapons from the AK series. They closed the main gate and started shooting at people from close range.

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated late Saturday that the attackers fled towards Ukraine after the terrorist attack. They have all been apprehended, and they will face severe punishment.

Russian President  has declared a national mourning on March 24! Near the Krokus City Hall, people are lighting candles and laying flowers to pay tribute to those who lost their lives in the attack.

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