Here are 5 very easy & highly effective ways to reduce the impact of cancer-causing radiation coming off of your gadgets. You can easily bring it into daily practice for your well being.

never carry your phone in your pocket, be it your trouser pocket or your shirt pocket. Instead, carry them in a bag or purse where they're not sticking to your body.

Tip 1

Never keep your laptop on your lap. laptops were not originally designed to be in your lap. Instead, place it on a table or a desk, if possible. Oh, and don't think that pillow will do.

Tip 2

Never talk with your phone on your ear. The best is to use wired earphones while your phone is placed on a table. In case that's not possible, at least use it on a speakerphone.

Tip 3

Never leave your gadgets on at night. Always have them turned off and your phone on airplane mode. Make sure to turn off cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth.

Tip 4

Avoid using gadgets in a moving vehicle unless it's an emergency.In a moving vehicle, 900 times a minute, they connect and disconnect with the tower, emitting immense radiation. 

Tip 5

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