Hello, do you know that intelligent body of ours has the full capacity to eliminate diseases, toxins, any blockage in our body by eating it. So, if it has the capacity then who is stopping it? You would be surprised to know that we ourselves are stopping this. Obvious question is How it can be so? So, let us explore the amazing science behind Fasting. Right away, you can understand it & awaken that capacity. This blog has the entire information with facts. Just read it completely & carefully. It is likely that this blog will prove to be the best investment in your life & your health.

Fasting mechanism is likely to cover medical billing & coding aspect. This can help to manage your health insurance with regards to increasing age factor as this information is sort of education about health awareness. This is like a private healthcare. This can help weight loss, burn facts & remain energized.



So, it gets triggered in 1974 when Christian de Duve got the Nobel Prize for one of his Research in Physiology or Medicine. His research was that when he looked at the body cell, very closely with an electron microscope, he saw that inside that cell, a complete recycling compound is made of recycler and inside that compound he found lysosomes.

Again, inside lysosomes, he found 50 different digestive enzymes i.e. working as exactly as our stomach. Like food goes inside the stomach and it digests the whole food, this is the work of stomach. He found that, those digestive enzymes inside lysosomes, were doing this same work. He was surprised to see that those digestive enzymes had the capacity to eat anything & also they had the capacity to recycle it and convert it into a new cell. And do you know what else?


These digestive enzymes are capable of eating these undigested food particles i.e., the rotten food that may be inside our body, any food particle that may have been inside us 6 months ago and has accumulated in the form of a toxin. It helps in reducing the fat in our body by eating it and melting it. Means that your body fat will melt like wax if these lysosomes of ours start eating it. After that, it can eat the blockages in our body, wherever it is; be it veins / heart; it can eat that blockage too. He observed that along with the blockage, our body has full capacity to eat toxins, bacteria and viruses present inside the body itself.

Those cells which are dead cells, those cells which have stopped making their own proteins or those cells which are making wrong proteins. It has the capacity to eat them all. In fact, he saw that it has so much capacity that it can kill those cells which are mutating unwantedly, which our body is not able to control, which is like cancer, it has capacity to eat & cure it. In short, anything & everything, for which we do not have any effective medical treatment as on date, these enzymes have capacity to cure it, by eating cells causing such diseases.

Fact is that, that Supreme Being, had sent this capability in your body that you can cure any disease, at any time, & its entire capability is present inside these cells of body. So friends, you may have an obvious question as if this is capacity is with everyone then who is stopping it from happening? Then answer is – We ourselves are stopping it. Yes, we ourselves are stopping it. And as this process of eating inside the body itself stops, then due to this stoppage, type 2 diabetes, blockages are occurring, age related diseases are increasing. Due to this Alzheimer is occurring, Parkinson’s is happening. As, sometimes our body is not able to eat the cells, it is getting cancer.


Now without scaring about these diseases, let us understand a powerful science, noble prize-winning science, which is called AUTOPHAGY. Auto means self and Phagy means to eat. That is, a state where the body starts eating itself. We will learn the correct way in this blog that how you should adopt this sort of AUTOPHAGY. But before that let us know about Dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi who is a cell virologist at Tokyo Institute of Technology. In 2016, he was also awarded the Nobel Prize for his research, which is about AUTOPHAGY.

Now the irony is that we ourselves are stopping AUTOPHAGY in our body. Our body is screaming many times, giving many symptoms, telling in the form of obesity, telling in the form of stress -anxiety, that it is need of AUTOPHAGY. If you read this blog completely & understand, then this moment onwards, you will automatically start giving a new life for yourself. Mainly the issue here is how we are stopping AUTOPHAGY?
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We stop this autophagy or do not allow it to happen by just one thing and that is by eating food. Yes, by eating food. Now, you will say, food is a very important compound and since childhood it has told us to eat, eat, keep eating and eat. Eat after waking up in the morning. eat at night. For that, let us take an example of a vehicle. It needs fuel to run. Similarly, our body needs fuel to run and we get that fuel by eating food. And do you know why those cells who eat our body, would eat it? Now these cells got that fuel from food. So what if, we don’t eat?

Because these cells have to keep growing continuously, it starts searching that fuel from inside our own body. First it eats the fat of our body. After that, toxins, then blockages, then viruses, and then bacteria. After that it will look for dead cells. It will start eating the cells which have stopped making proteins. But you may think that I had my meal at nine o’clock and my AUTOPHAGY should start at nine thirty, because the food is over. No ways it will happen like this. Your AUTOPHAGY will start when the digestion of your food is finished.


Understand this thing very carefully that every food has its own digestion time which is accomplished through metabolism. When we eat that fruit, at the average, it gets digested in 1 hour, because it contains mostly water, which does not have to be digested. If we look at raw vegetables, it takes 2/3 hours to digest. If they are cooked, it takes 3-5 hours to digest. And if we eat grains, like rice, wheat or we eat roti, vegetables, whatever is cooked, it takes 6-8 hours to digest it. It often takes a maximum of 12 hours for our body to digest the animal protein we consume. It may take 24+ hours to digest the animal meat we consume.

So, if you have eaten something that takes eight hours to digest after eating it. And you had dinner at nine in the morning. After that you had dinner again at one o’clock. The previous digestion was not completed yet. The stomach was still working. You sent more on top of that. Had to have evening tea. It was eight o’clock and we had to have dinner again. The previous process was not over yet, and we gave more food to body at night. We gave such a terrible animal heavy protein. Many times, we give our body non vegetarian diet. So where does that whole energy of the body come from? It is busy in digesting your food.


Here Dr. Yoshinori tried to find how AUTOPHAGY can be started & how the fuel our body gets from food, can otherwise get by consuming the toxins of our body itself. Then the most powerful way which he found was Fasting which he called fuel recycling. That means some of the toxins in our body get recycled and converted into new cells, this is a complete process.

Our cells are constantly becoming old and new ones are coming. So, when our body eats the old cells to make the new cells, our body prepares the raw material from old / dead cell. It converts the same dead protein into amino acids & then uses that raw material to make protein for the new cell or to make whatever energy it needs. This process is called fuel recycling.


If we look back at our lives, will see that we probably never started this fuel recycling in life. However, we are complaining that we are having health problem. There is laziness in our body, we are having heart problems, our skin is also not glowing. How will it do it? Well, this recycling process is going on slowly & continuously because new cells are coming, and old cells are going. But the process is not happening at the actual level where our body should have received healing. The easiest process for this healing is fasting. And you see this Dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi when explained this theory to us in a scientific manner in 2016, we were able to understand.


If you understand its correct process, then you can start it right away from now. To do this, the first process is fast for 24 hours. Twenty-four hour fasting once a week. If you want, it can be made very flexible too. You can fast on water for the whole day. And if you want, you think that, no, I cannot do that much, then you can fast on juice for the whole one day. It may have some small consequences. You may feel slightly down in energy, or someone may have a headache, or someone may feel a little weakness. So this is not a disease. These are just the reflexes that you are getting from doing the fast.

Because your body is working on energy inside, don’t worry about it. This is a thing that can be cured in a day. Do it on water, if not possible, do it on juice, if not possible, do it on fruits, but definitely do it. If you can’t do it once a week, do it once a month. If you can’t do it once a month then at least once in a quarter meaning once in three months. Once a day of twenty-four hours. That is, if you ate food at 9 o’clock in the morning today, then you should eat again at 9 o’clock in the morning the next day.

AUTOPHAGY will start, the repairing mechanism will start. Definitely try to do it.


The second process for those who cannot fast for 24 hours, is to set an eating window which is called Intermittent Fasting. In Intermittent Fasting, we set an eating window during which we do not eat food at all. If you want, you can take electrolytes that too natural i.e. by adding lemon water and Himalayan salt. This will help energy to maintain energy intact. Those people who have problems can start by fasting for 12 hours. That is, if you try to eat at 9 o’clock in the night, then do not eat at all from 9 in the night till 9 in the morning the next day. Now this is the easiest step to start off.

After this you can carry this fasting period for 14 hours. That means, if you have dinner at 8 o’clock in the night, then you will not eat, at all, till 10 o’clock in the morning, the next day. Take liquid only. This can be taken to the third level, which is called Exact Intermittent Fasting. This is 16 hours fasting, means eating food only in a window of eight hours.

People from the Vedic period, our ancestors used to say that we should eat before sunset and after sunrise. So if you give your body this rest for sixteen hours, without feeding it anything, then as soon as it will finish the digestion of your food: after 4, 5, 6, 8 hours, that energy of remining hours will be available to your body. It will do autophagy, eat your diseases, viruses, bacteria.


And you must have seen that whenever a person falls ill, the doctor tells him to give him as light a diet as possible. The medicine is working but along with it, the body itself heals him. And you will see, that whenever we suffer from any illness, the first thing we lose is our appetite. The Almighty has given such a mechanism that first of all, hunger will be quenched. So that body’s hunger is set, its attention is set so that body can start the autophagy mechanism. It is a powerful thing. So, this fasting of sixteen hours daily can start your autophagy.


If you can’t do it every day, do it on alternate days. Try to avoid animal protein on a daily or regular basis. If possible, avoid non vegetarian diet completely. Pl follow this, If you want to heal your body or increase your energies. Because it takes a lot of time to digest and sometimes the toxic compound of a food consumed last six months can still be present in our body. Take him out now. Remove toxic compounds from body by starting this autophagy. And if I try to summarize it in one line, it is a mechanism that our body becomes healing machine when we are empty stomach.

By remaining on an empty stomach our body becomes a healing machine. This does not mean that if we remain on an empty stomach for ten days, we will still continue to heal. Because after eating all these toxins, fat, dead cells, bad proteins, our body will start eating us. So do not follow as not to eat food for many days. Follow process of this, that is to set intermittent fasting eating window. Try to do 24 hours fasting, once a week. If not possible, then try to do it once a month and see its amazing results in your life.


Because the obvious does not need proof and you will give me this proof after trying this fasting mechanism. Pl let me know by commenting when you get results from it. Pl do come back to this blog & leave a comment. So that other people who are reading this blog can also know – that yes, there are many people who are making their life and their health amazing by adopting this one autophagy in their life. I pray & wish for lots of happiness in your life along with healthy body & mind.


Credit – Anurag Rishi VDO.

Do not consider this blog as a medical advice. Do your own due diligence also. This blog is more from information per se about Nobel prize winners research work & fasting. In case you want to do fasting, pl take appropriate inputs from your doctor before moving on.

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